Why you need a London Property Agent

So you’re looking to invest in the London property market. No matter how much research you do or how motivated you might be, there are always going to be questions: where do I start, how do I find the right property, etc.? If you’re trying to find the perfect property, but you don’t have the right connections or knowledge of the local area and market, you need a London property agent.


3 Reasons You Need a London Property Agent


  1. Local Market Knowledge

It is your London property consultant’s job to have extensive, up-to-date knowledge on the property market. At Irvine & Cole, we know everything there is to know about the London property market: what makes for the best properties in each area, what constitutes good value, and how to secure these properties. This comes from long days of research and years of experience, something you definitely don’t have time for. When you hire a property agent, you can trust that all of those details will be accounted for and considered.


  1. Connections

We’ve been in the industry for years. That gives our property agents an advantage in the sense that we’ve been able to make connections over the years that give us special privileges. It helps us source exclusive properties for our clients, negotiate better prices, and get you exactly what you want. If you’re going it alone in this competitive market place you won’t have the right contacts in the right places. That’s why having an agent greatly expands your chances of finding the perfect property.


  1. Get the right price

Your property consultant is going to ensure that you get the right property for the optimum price. London Estate agents work solely for the seller and only have their interests at heart. If a vendor will only sell at an inflated price an estate agent can looks to achieve it and they have no concern with you overpaying for a property. If issues come up during a purchase an estate agent will look to manage them in their client’s favour but a buying agent will advise in your best interests. Having a London property buying agent minimizes risk and maximizes gains.


There is nothing quite like the London property market, but don’t go into it alone. Hiring a property agent will help you save time, money, and will ensure you find the right property. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, hire an agent to help you along the way.







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