London Commercial Property Investments: Getting Started

The London commercial property market is booming, and has been for quite some time. With more and more money being invested in the market each year- over £60bn in 2015 alone- that boom is set to keep on going. The realm of commercial property purchasing is a tough one to break into, as it is a huge investment of time and money, but with the right London property consultant, you can get started.


Breaking into the London Commercial Property Market


Building values and rent rates are on a steady rise, making the investment in commercial property look even more promising. It is important to note, however, that real estate is a cyclical market, so there will always be a rise and fall. Having said this, it is safe to say we are well within the turn of positive cycle. This is especially due to the rise in international investors, where 50% of commercial property investments came from in 2015. Additionally, rental rates for office spaces have grown 9% in 2015, making the potential for income that much more appealing.


The commercial property market is more than just office space. It encompasses retail and industrial space as well. So for example, empty office blocks, sections of shopping malls, even hotels and restaurant franchises all fit under the umbrella of commercial real estate. Since direct investment is astronomically more expensive than entering the market via real estate trust or property funds. This type of investment allows you to see returns from multiple factors, including capital growth and rent income.


Breaking into the commercial property market requires the right premises, the right connections, and knowledge of the market. At Irvine & Cole, we’re the London property search agents with all the proper tools and experience to ensure high returns on great investments.

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